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Stain Removal Guide

Remember that fresh stains are easier to remove than old ones. Never use chlorine bleach - it can damage the fabric.

Always follow stain removal product directions. Make a point of testing a stain removal substance before applying it. Do it using a hidden part of the cloth. After applying the remover, let it stand for 2-5 minutes, then rinse. Should the color change, do not use the product on the fabric. Never put stain removers directly into the washing machine. Do not mix stain removers together.

When removing a stain, place the stained area face down on a clean paper towel or white cloth. Avoid applying the remover on the embroidery.

Always launder items after treating to remove residues of the stain and the stain remover.
You can also try the traditional way: spread the linen out in the sun in your back yard for a few days.

Remember that some stains cannot be removed.

Ballpoint Ink Hold stain against towel, spray closely from behind with aerosol hair spray.
Beverages Soak in cool water. Re-wash with stain remover. Launder using oxygen bleach (for white linen).
Blood Rinse immediately in cold water.
Candle Iax Chill with ice and scrape off as much as possible with dull side of knife, then iron between absorbent paper, changing paper until wax is absorbed.
Chocolate Pre-wash with product containing enzymes in warm water or treat with pre-wash stain remover. Launder.
Collar, Cuff Soil Pre-wash with stain remover, liquid laundry detergent or paste of granular detergent and water. Launder.
Cosmetics Pre-wash with stain remover, liquid laundry detergent or paste of granular detergent and water or rub with bar of soap. Launder.
Pre-treat with liquid laundry detergent. Launder. For heavy stains pre-treat with pre-wash stain remover. Allow to stand for 5 to 10 minutes.
Fruit Juice Rinse with cool water.
Grass Launder using oxygen bleach (for white linen).
Grease Spots, Oil Pre-treat with pre-wash stain remover or liquid laundry detergent. For heavy stains, place stain face down on clean paper towels. Apply cleaning agent to back of stain. Replace paper towels under stain frequently. Let dry, rinse and launder.
Ink Use ink eradicator (only for undyed, untreated linen).
Lime Juice, Vinegar
Rinse immediately with cool water.
Lipstick On pure linen, rub with a little salad oil to dissolve lipstick, then launder to remove oil.
Meat Juice Rinse with cool, never hot, water.
Perspiration Use pre-wash stain remover or rub with bar of soap. If color of fabric has changed, apply ammonia to fresh stains, white vinegar to old stains and rinse. Launder using hottest water safe for fabric.
Red Wine Cover with salt if stain is fresh, and then rinse with cool water. If stain has dried, try rinsing with club soda.
Tar Scrape residue from fabric. Place stain face down on paper towels. Sponge with cleaning fluid. Replace towels frequently. Launder in hottest water safe for fabric.
Tomato Rinse with cool water.
Coffee/Tea Stretch fabric tautly over a bowl and pour boiling water from high above.
White Wine Rinse with club soda.